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 "A guitar that is set up properly is easy to play and not tiring"

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garyI created this site for guitar players, musicians and hobbyist's. As you surf the site you will find out who I am. You will find testimonials about my service and my work. You will find pictures of guitars I have worked on, friends, family, and some people I have met. Over the years I never kept track of all the guitars I have worked on or taken pictures of them, so after I decided to create a web site, I had to rely on recent customers for this info. Hopefully you will get some laughs, find some good information, and enjoy reading it. This is a new site and is still in the works. New things will be added as I go; trivia questions, tip of the day, maybe a contest or two giving away a free service and maybe a guitar from time to time. Check back soon and see what I have going on.

Thank you for visiting my site.

Updated December 2012
New Custom Build - The C&G Telecaster (
Chris & Gary)

The C&G Telecaster (Chris & Gary). The body was made from scratch by my friend Chris V who is a moderator at Vanderbilly.com. It has a Mahogany back and a 2 piece Maple cap. He did the finish on it too. I have a Lollar bridge pick up in it and a Seymour Duncan vintage neck pick up. Standard wiring with a 3 way switch. It also has a Mighty Mite birds eye Maple neck.
The Babicz bridge that was sent to me via Chris by another member (KP) at Vanderbilly when he heard about the guitar. KP (Keith) said it was from everyone there for all I do on VB. But I know he bought it for me, lol. The guitar sounds and plays as good as it looks and it does look good!. I am very happy with my new C&G Telecaster. Thank guys.

Here is a link to the thread of the step by step video's that Chris did while making and finishing the body. The video's are great with alot of great imformation. Check it out!!.

Why I enjoy doing what I do!

While working on guitars I get to meet some really nice people. Mike here is one of them. He is relatively a new customer but we have had some great conversations the few times he has been here. He knows I like to help kids learn about music and playing guitar. I have helped out Cedar Lane school in Vienna, the Phillips Program, and I will be helping Guitarsnotguns with some of their guitars next week. This is how I like to give to the community.

So what does Mike do, he brings me his JS-100 that used to be his main guitar. It needs a little work but is pretty much in mint condition with upgraded pick ups and with a real nice Ibanez hard case. He said " give it to a kid that needs a guitar or sell it to buy more guitars that I could donate to the right place or person. He could have sold it but he didn't.

He is trusting me to do the right thing with it and I will. I will detail it, set it up, and most likely sell it so I can buy 3-4 more guitars I can give to a local charity or school. Mike I salute you for your generosity my friend. You have just made some kids very happy.

Special Notice

customaxxe stratA special thanks goes out to my neighbor Jeff who read on this site that I had donated guitar's to Ceder Lane school in Vienna. He decided to help out and gave me a mint condition Ibanez 5 string Bass with case and accessories. He said to give it to the school or what ever I wanted to do with it. I was able to sell it and buy 3 guitars that I donated to the Phillips program in Annandale. Jeff passed up on some sure cash to help out children.

Thanks Jeff,
You're a good man!!

The people at Phillips were extremely happy to receive the guitar's. I know they need more help. If you have any instruments you would like to donate I am sure they would love to here from you. If you have a guitar you want to donate but needs some work, set up, strings, etc you can bring it to me and I will fix it up for the school at no charge to anyone. They will even come to you and pick up any donations. Check them out!!!!

Tip of the Day

If you have a guitar with a floating tremolo and you want to change the strings, make sure you use the same gauge/size that are on the guitar or you will change the set up of the tremolo.

Updated April, 2011
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Hello players,

customaxxe stratThis is another Custom Tele I just finished. It has a Rosewood fret board, Chrome hardware, Neovin noiseless pick ups, Wilkinson locking tuners, vintage 6 saddle bridge with chrome cover, orange drop cap, and a natural finished body.
This one is going to be given away to some lucky student in a free raffle at Cedar Lane School. I teach a guitar class there on career day at the end of March.

I can build you one just like it for under $600. If you are interested I have one in stock already done that you can come by and check it out and play. Build time is about 2 weeks.


A Night To Remember...

Well, it only took 53 years but I finally got to go back stage at a concert and meet someone famous. My friend Scott took me to see Eric Johnson at the Birchmere on Jan 8th. It was a fantastic show. The man is a true artist when you put a guitar in his hands. One of Scott's friends also came to the show and he knows Mr Johnson very well. He told Scott and I while we were eating dinner there that after the show we were going back stage to meet him. I was shocked to say the least.
Eric Johnson is the most friendly and laid back person you would ever want to meet. He made you feel like you have known him for years. It was an honor to meet him. We talked with him for about 15 minutes, snapped a few pictures and left. It was a night I will never forget.


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