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$60.00 for most guitars (does not include strings).

Each setup includs a deepclean and detail of the guitar. I also clean and condition the fret board, polish the frets, and check over the whole guitar for any imperfections or abnormalities.

In general, a setup on a guitar covers minor adjustments only. I perform these extra services on my set ups as a courtesy to the customer.

Pickup Replacement

$25 per pickup.

I always adjust my prices on pickup changes when doing more then one or other services at the same time. Example- I do a set up on a Les Paul and change both pickups at the same time. I charge $60 for the set up and $30 to replace both pickups instead of $50 for both pickups.

String Replacement/Change

I usually don't charge to just throw a set of strings on your guitar and can usually do it while you wait but depending on how busy I am and what kind of guitar you have (12 string) I may charge you - no more than $10 dollars.
Electronics / Custom Wiring / Repairs

If you have custom mod in mind, or have an instrument in need of of repair, give me a call or an email describing what you would like done. I'll be be able to give you a prompt quote and any advice I can offer.

I really take care of my customers. My goal is to is to offer great price and excellent service and satisfaction.

You have my word on that.

Gary Madison


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